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Meet the design team! All of our experts at GS Monaco have a wealth of experience in designing for print. Speak to one of the team about your idea, and watch as they put pen to paper to realise your dream. Our designers will work with you to finalise your design and provide a mockup of how the finished article will look. They will suggest printing techniques, such as embossing or engraving, and work with our printing project managers to make sure the right paper and printing method is chosen for the job.

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  • Full Vehicule Wrap

    Looking to change the colour or look of your vehicule. We can wrap your entire vehicule with one of our 3M vinyl wraps.

    The vinyl not only changes the look of your vehicule but can change the finish and protect the original paintwork.

    Its normally quicker and cheaper than paint and can be peeled off when you are finished.

    We have an extensive range of colours, finishes and can even print your own bespoke design.

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  • Signage

    Shops, windows, vehicules, point of sale, make youself be seen with our great signage options. Whatever you need, indoor or outdoor? Rigid, flexible, wide, tall. We do it all. If you don’t see it just ask.

    We can print and make signs to cover full builings. No job is too big!

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  • Vehicule Stickers

    Make your mark and showcase your company or brand by personalizing your vehicules. We can add custom artwork, lettering, logos or graphics to  your vehicule. We come and install at your convience.

    Our creative team can help with the design and realisation of your project.

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  • Vehicule Wrap

    We offer a number of vehicule wrap options:

    Full wrap – where we cover the entire vehicule. This can be done for colour change? texture change, protection etc.

    Vehicule decoration – adding your logo, partial wrap, styling highlights etc

    Stickers / Signage – Comapany livery, logos, graphics, lettering

    Protection – We also have a range of protective transparent films that not only protect but can self heal! These also come in transparent and matt. These are supplied by EXPEL.

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