• Written by matt
  • On 17 November, 2021
  • 2 mins read
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Do your business cards pass the trash test?

It has been a while since we watched American psycho, but we were reminded about it during dinner the other week when sat next to a Chinese businessman. Handing over a business card proudly, holding it by its edges in 2 hands and passing it over with a bow of the head in a traditional Chinese business culture ceremony. He took our card back in a similar fashion, giving it his full attention.

We often change and try different techniques with our business cards. From special thicknesses, to embossing, to foiling, gilt edging and so on. But we’re lucky enough to be able to try these all out ourselves.

Some cultures place a high value on business cards, and we’ve seen this cultural trend becoming more prominent throughout industries and countries. A business card for €2 to €3 can sometimes seen like too high a price, but if you’re proud of your brand and the contacts you are making, there’s never been a better product to invest in.

There is nothing we enjoy more than receiving a card someone has clearly put a lot of thought and effort into and with so many styles and ice breakers that cards can now include, there has never been a better way to start a discussion and future business relationship. From seeds in cards, to laminates and even paper websites.

So next time you receive or give a card, take a moment to look at the work that went in to it. Are you proud to receive or give this card. Or dare we say it, are you embarrassed of your card and how this reflects on you and your business?

Don’t end up in the trash, choose your business cards with care and attention. We’re happy to find the best solution for you and your pocket.

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